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lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

DUOLOGY Session 1


Yago Vázquez, piano. 
Marcos Pin, guitar.

Recorded at “Estudio A Ponte”, Santiago de Compostela by Tomás Ageitos on July, 8th 2013.

Mixed and mastered by Arne Bock

Art Work by Trazatrapo & Sincopagrafiado 



Donna Lee (Charlie Parker)                                                            
Blue Monk  (Thelonious Monk)
All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern)                                         
You Don´t Know What Love Is (Gene de Paul)
Dewey Square (Charlie Parker) 

"Their joint attack swings, and the pair wrap around each other like clasped hands."
Marc Myers, JazzWax

"Marcos Pin is one of the most interesting jazz guitarists in Europe. On his latest album, Duology, the Spaniard teams up with pianist Yago Vazquez to explore the fast, fluid bebop tradition of such stellar axemen as Tal Farlow and Jimmy Raney."
Chris Mosey, All About Jazz

"Not even for a second they slip into a routine. You are literally overwhelmed by unpredictability, unexpectedness and finesse, indicative of the passion and perspective, even humour." 

"The result is a fresh and rhythmic music that defines what jazz is (and should be). It is as if we put together Horace Silver and Kenny Burrell in a session and we give them carte blanche"
Félix Amador-GálvezJazz, ese ruido

"Five tunes where they demonstrate their knowledge of this very exciting jazz era (bebop)"
Cándido Querol, B! Ritmos


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lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013


This last week was a great one for Factor E-Reset. After being nominated to "Premios Martin Codax da Música Galega" we had a very nice concert at "Teatro Rosalía de Castro" during Jazzatlántica Jazz Festival. Here you are some pictures, of course by cool Rafa Pasadas.

Esta semana foi unha moi boa semana para Factor E-Reset. Despois da nominación dentro dos  "Premios Martin Codax da Música Galega" tivemos un bo concerto no "Teatro Rosalía de Castro", dentro do festival Jazzatlántica. Aquí tendes algunhas fotos, como non do gran Rafa Pasadas.


domingo, 22 de septiembre de 2013


“Pin's vibrant arrangements are done a great service by the uniformly impressive musicians who give them life, and, in no small measure, by the excellent production values. The music sounds somewhat more Brooklyn than Galicia but this is a small quibble against writing and playing of precision and verve”.
Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

"A textured feast that hits both the visceral and cerebral senses hard and leaves one curious as to what may be in store in the future. Marcos Pin is a name to remember!."
Brent Black, Critical Jazz

"I think Marcos is an unusual guitarist, very few guitar players are able to compose, arrange and orchestrate this way. He firmly proofs he knows about those bands which can not only swing but show us amazing soundscapes too."
G.BustamanteJazz Times Magazine

“Pin's arrangements mix big band swing and bop influences with great success, resulting in an album which harks back to the middle of the twentieth century while sounding exciting, fresh and cool in the twenty- first”.
Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

“Pin's bold and ambitious endeavor has paid off handsomely. The resulting record is an intriguing and satisfying mélange of sublime spontaneity and brilliant orchestration”. 
Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

“Barbanza nos ofrece siete cortes de extensa duración en donde es posible apreciar un hard-bop exquisito y sin contemplaciones, un swing que planea a lo largo de todos los temas, y una sonoridad apoyada en unos primorosos acordes que realzan no tanto la condición de líder del guitarrista (catalizador de todas las ideas musicales) sino la de la formación como entidad creativa a nivel global”.

Juan Carlos Abelenda, Jazz Recordings, Spain


jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2013


Last 14th, September, Factor E-Reset played @ Auditorio Municipal de Ourense organized by Casa Baubo and Montse Merino. Great Time we had!!!...

O pasado 14 de setembro Factor E-Reset estivemos no Auditorio Municipal de Ourense nun concerto organizado por Montse Merino e Casa Baubo. Pasámolo xenial!!!...

Jose Nine on Alto sax and flute